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Stainless Steel Martini Glasses

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Have you ever wondered why martinis are so famous? Why are people hooked on this drink and what makes it so special? A popular trend now is drinking them in Stainless Steel Martini Glasses, which you can purchase, from some liquor stores, high-end department stores or even online through

In case you’re not familiar with this drink, maybe it’s time to get to know it better.

Here are some fun and informative facts about the “Martini”:

  1. Martini's have existed long before we had them on the menu. It can be traced back to the late nineteenth century, possibly between the 1860s and 1887, but no one can really tell for sure the exact date when it was concocted.
  2. A martini is made of gin and vermouth, topped with a lemon twist, or the very popular, olive.
  3. It was dubbed by E.B. White as “the elixir of quietude”.
  4. A popular theory of its origin says that the name “Martini” came from the town Martinez, where it was believed to have originated from.
  5. There was also a drink called “Martinez” which is also believed, as the martinis older brother for it is a sweeter version of it consisting of sweet vermouth, gin, and cherry juice. The Martinez was invented by the famous Jerry Thomas, a bartender of the Occidental Hotel in the 1860s who was first to put a drink recipe on paper.
  6. The martini became more popular during the Prohibition times but much wetter because of the poor quality of gin during those times.
  7. It is believed that the shape of the glass stemmed from its functionality, rather than its aesthetic beauty. Many have said that the glass had a wide mouth to make it easier for the drinker to get rid of the drink by ingesting it easily or tossing it aside when there was a raid in the area. The stem is purposely to keep the warmth of the drinker’s hands away from the drink so it won’t affect its temperature and in turn, its flavor.
  8. The best martini is not shaken because it will bruise the gin, as was the classic martini. But it has been an often-debated topic for a shaken martini is quite different from a stirred one. The shaken martini is said to have a more rounded taste for shaking it breaks up the ice, therefore, adding more water in the drink, weakening the drink slightly, and altering its taste. Shaking also results to a cloudy texture of the drink and some places, the shaken martini is called a “Martini James Bond.
  9. The original martini was garnished with a cherry, not an olive.
  10. You can get a $10,000 martini at the Algonquin Hotel in New York City but instead of an olive as its garnish, you get a diamond.
  11. Season a glass by spraying the inside of a martini glass with vermouth.
  12. You can garnish a martini with an onion, but then it becomes a Gibson.
  13. Martinis also gained popularity in the James Bond books and movies. James Bond had a penchant for both vodka and gin martinis.
  14. Many manufacturers of drinking glasses have come up with many versions of the martini glass and Stainless Steel Martini Glasses are gaining popularity because ours has a special cooling gel which helps retain the martinis temperature for up to four hours.


Nowadays, there are many variations of the Martini, from fruity versions such as: mango, watermelon, apple (known as appletinis) to dry and wet ones, but one has not changed; a martini is always a classic drink that brightens up a gloomy day. Enjoy your martini in Stainless Steel Martini Glasses and experience a fuller flavor, whether stirred or shaken and top it off with your favorite fruit or vegetable.

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